Purpose-built with longer one metre segments for heavy duty horizontal installation: soil settlement, rail-line deformation, and pipeline monitoring.


Segment Length:
1000 mm


Settlement monitoring

Project Duration:
Short and long term

Purpose-built for heavy duty horizontal measurement: soil settlement, rail-line deformation, and pipeline monitoring. Perfectly suited for projects that require long-term monitoring and measurement solutions but not necessarily the data resolution of the SAAF. SAAX1000’s watertight construction combines twist-resistant joints and thick-walled stainless steel segment tubes. The construction contains a compact array of MEMS accelerometers.

While SAAX1000’s longer segments produce less detailed spatial data than other ShapeArrays with smaller segments, SAAX1000 delivers superior cost-benefit returns to project budgets. All ShapeArray installations are fast and low-cost, requiring far fewer people than traditional in-place inclinometers. SAAX1000 is rolled off a reel and set into a narrow diameter PVC casing (27 mm).

SAAX1000’s segment length is 1000 mm. SAAX1000 can can be manufactured to a maximum length of 150 m. All ShapeArrays are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Technical Overview

SAAX1000 contains MEMS gravity sensors in every segment that measure acceleration, tilt, and temperature. SAAX1000 is designed for horizontal installations. While beta testing of vertical installations are underway and have produced promising data, the SAAX1000. SAAX1000 measures vertical deformation to produce 2D projections on a horizontal plane, where X represents the array’s length.

The most important benefit of using ShapeArray is automation. Data from the ShapeArray can be collected by a data logger where it can be stored and manually collected or streamed wirelessly to a PC or central server. Data can also be retrieved in the field manually through the SAAFPU.