The most advanced ShapeArray makes installation even simpler.


Segment Length:
500 mm


SAAV is the newest and most advanced ShapeArray model. Inspired by direct feedback from customers, Measurand developed a new installation method unique to the SAAV that allows the array to be installed easily into existing conventional inclinometer casings.

SAAV’s off-the-reel cyclical installation method inserts the ShapeArray in a zigzag pattern into casings up to 100 mm in diameter. The SAAV is then locked into place with a Spring Box assembly. SAAV is ideal for retrofitting ShapeArray instrumentation into existing conventional inclinometer casings or for new installations in ungrooved casings.

Another innovation unique to the SAAV are silent segments—unsensorized segments that can be added segment-by-segment to the far (non-cable) end of the ShapeArray in the field. Silent segments offer flexibility for users to control the location of the sensorized zone. This is especially useful in situations where hole depth exceeds the area users wish to monitor or when a monitoring region cannot be exactly determined. Silent segments also allow users greater freedom in reusing SAAV in different length hole.

SAAV contains upgraded MEMS sensors that reduce power consumption and improve resolution.

SAAV is available with 500 mm segment length segments, up to 150 metres long.