The most advanced ShapeArray makes installation even simpler.


Segment Length:
500 mm


SAAV is the newest and most advanced ShapeArray model. Inspired by direct feedback from customers, Measurand developed a new installation method unique to the SAAV that allows the array to be installed easily into existing conventional inclinometer casings.

SAAV’s off-the-reel cyclical installation system inserts the ShapeArray in a zigzag pattern into casings from 47 mm to 100 mm in diameter. The SAAV is then locked into place with a Spring Box assembly. SAAV is ideal for retrofitting ShapeArray instrumentation into existing conventional inclinometer casings or for new installations in ungrooved casings.

For situations where the SAAV is not required to reach all the way to the bottom of the casing, we offer silent segments for SAAV. Silent segments have no sensors inside and are connected at the far, non-cable end of the SAAV to increase the total length of the array. This innovation is useful when SAAV is installed into existing casings where the shear zones are known to be well above the bottom of the hole or to accommodate for casing depths that are not well known at time of order.

SAAV contains upgraded MEMS sensors that reduce power consumption and improve resolution.

SAAV is available with 500 mm segment length segments, up to 150 metres long.