Jun 29, 2018

ShapeArray monitors excavation of Canada’s future highest skyscraper

Tyler Morency
9 months ago

A new, towering skyscraper will soon join Toronto’s skyline. Located on the corner/intersection at Yonge Street and Bloor Street West, “The One”—a mixed residential and retail development—will be Canada’s tallest building when completed at 306.3 metres (1,005 feet) and 85 storeys. In early May, Monir Precision Monitoring installed SAAV into the $1 billion urban construction high-rise project. Construction began in 2017.

Measurand was on-hand to provide support while Monir Precision Monitoring installed SAAV into an inclinometer casing to monitor deflection in an H-Pile retaining wall with a planned 14 levels of tiebacks. Monir Precision Monitoring used sensemetric’s THREAD platform to collect and view data from the ShapeArray.

Construction is expected to finish in 2020.